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7 Things you can do to help save the cheetah – Cheetah Conservation Fund

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The Cheetah Conservation Fund has been instrumental in keeping these big cats streaking through the savannahs of Namibia and the world since 1990, and is regarded as the world leader in research and conservation of cheetahs.

Doing what it takes

Headed by Dr. Laurie Marker, the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) adopts a holistic approach to conserving the cheetah by addressing issues of rehabilitation, habitat restoration, human-wildlife conflict, research and education. There is nothing this organisation will not do in order to conserve this fragile species.

Apart from their successes on the frontlines for Cheetah Conservation, the Fund operates a “world renowned international field research and education facility” that is open to the public and is also an interesting ecotourism destination. The CCF is located about 2 hours’ drive from Etosha National Park, at Otjiwarongo. Here, visitors can enjoy a wonderful day out learning more about cheetahs in the education centre and museum, enjoying some quiet time in the bush, and indulging in a tasty meal or picnic.

A New Year for Cheetah Conservation

After another successful year-end Chewbacca Cheetah Challenge, where volunteer challengers matched every donation made by the public between June and December 2016, the Cheetah Fund is raring to go at top speed for 2017, with a long list of resolutions for the New Year.

These include:


Visiting even more schools to spread the word about the cheetah, training a new crop of biologists, conservationists, eco-tour guides and ecologists, and expanding the Future Farmers of Africa training in rural communities.


To help bring Namibia up to speed with developing a viable biomass industry, to market Namibia’s Cheetah Country Beef eco-label and other wildlife-friendly products, and to begin production of Bushblok (fuel briquettes made from invader thorn bush) in the new factory at the centre.

In addition, the CCF aims to implement the following improvements to their offering:

  • Aggressively Marketing International Cheetah Day to make it better than ever before
  • Stepping up research into the illegal cheetah trade
  • Stronger support of conservation partners all over Africa
  • Opening the new Cheetah Eco Lodge to guests from all over the world
  • Breeding, placing and training more CCF Livestock Guarding dogs

Get involved and do your bit

There are many ways in which you can help the Cheetah Conservation Fund reach their goals and do your bit towards saving the cheetah:

  • Volunteer: The CCF welcomes interns and volunteers to help them with the daily tasks involved in this important work.
  • Visit: Enjoy guided tours educational presentations, a picnic lunch and thrilling cheetah runs at the centre’s premises near Otjiwarongo, about three hours north of Windhoek.
  • Donate: Make a direct contribution towards the Cheetah Fund with a cash donation, or ship them items from their online Amazon wish list to help them continue their good work.
  • Sponsor a speedster: Contribute to the costs of caring for rehabilitated cheetahs resident at the centre.
  • Shop: Visit the Cheetah Fund’s online store to pick up some great souvenirs and show your support with branded clothing, decor, gifts and novelty items.
  • Have fun: Support the Morristown Cheetah Sprint on 11 March 2017. This is an all ages, all abilities race of 1 mile with proceeds going towards the Cheetah Conservation Fund.
  • Join: Join the Cheetah Fund’s mailing list to stay informed about cheetah conservation.

It is never too late to join the fight to conserve Africa’s wildlife, do your bit today.

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