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Etosha Accommodation & Lodges

Accommodation establishments inside and outside of Etosha National Park in Namibia

You have a wide range of accommodation options available when visiting Etosha National Park. There are accommodation establishments inside the park as well as accommodation establishments located outside of, but within easy reach of the park.

1. Camps and resorts located within the park

Namibia Wildlife Resorts manages all of the accommodation within the boundaries of Etosha.

It can be quite expensive to stay inside the park boundaries, but there is the advantage of being able to make use of the floodlit waterholes for night time game viewing, and the convenience of staying in close proximity to the waterholes within the park.

2. Camps, lodges and resorts located outside of the park

There is a wide variety of privately owned accommodation options available close to the entrances of Etosha on both the eastern and western boundaries of the park.

These establishments have a wide range of prices and you can choose from:

1. Luxury lodges and bungalows,
2. Air-conditioned suites,
3. Rooms or chalets, and even
4. Camp sites

For the most part, these options are all comfortable and well equipped, with friendly efficient staff.  You can book guided game drives into the park from these resorts during the day, however you should keep in mind that the gates close at sunset, so if you are staying outside of the park, you will need to make sure you are outside of the park boundaries at this time.

Remember to reserve your Etosha accommodation well in advance so you’re sure to get a place at one of the exquisite lodges or camping sites.

Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

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