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Dolphin Tours in Namibia

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Namibia is well-known for its conservation efforts and abundance of amazing wildlife. There is also a whole undercurrent of incredible sightings that you may just miss on your visit to this African country, such as a very healthy dolphin population.

Apart from game drives in the many nature reserves around Namibia, you can also take a seafaring safari to experience what the ocean has to offer when it comes to amazing animals.

Just like on land, Namibia is home to many denizens of the deep, and the waters off the Namibian coastline boast several species of dolphins and whales, namely:

  • Bottlenose dolphin
  • Common dolphin
  • Dusky dolphin
  • False killer whale
  • Heaviside’s Dolphin
  • Killer Whale
  • Long-finned pilot whale
  • Pygmy killer whale
  • Risso’s dolphin
  • Rough-toothed dolphin
  • Southern right whale dolphin

While diving is best left to the experts here, you can still experience some of these creatures from the safety of a ski boat or catamaran during your visit.

Dolphin tours operate from both Walvis Bay and Swakopmund and are an inspiring way to discover the surface attractions of the country’s long Atlantic coastline.

Seeing these aquatic mammals at play alongside your boat is an unforgettable attraction and you may also be lucky enough to spot seals, leatherback turtles and flamingos.

Watch gulls and other sea birds swirling overhead as you shuck oysters and sip on a glass of champagne or other refreshing beverage. Your friendly crew will keep you enthralled with their anecdotes during this 3 hour journey into the Atlantic and their knowledge and experience will ensure that you enjoy all the best sightings of the day.

The spacious boats are kitted out for maximum ease during these extended trips, with on-board toilets and comfortable seating as well as a variety of catering options. Early booking is essential to avoid disappointment, and you need to arrange your catering beforehand.

Weather permitting, dolphin tours leave at about 9am every morning to make the most of the early morning light – a boon for photographers, and head out towards Pelican Point. Here you may be lucky enough to spot the curious seals, which often approach for a closer look at the boat.

These charters can be tailor-made to suit your style. Just say the word and you could be heading off on a sunset cruise or fully-equipped deep sea fishing adventure to interact with these fascinating mammals.

Are you keen for a daytrip with a difference? We can put you in touch with all the right people for an amazing adventure during your stay in Etosha.

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