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Etosha National Park Trip Planning

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Planning your Great Etosha Adventure

Once you have made the big decision to visit Etosha, plan your trip carefully in order to make the most of your limited time there.

Some of the things to consider are:

Self-drive or guided tour: If you opt for the guided option, your travel company will do most of the route planning for you, but if you choose to drive yourself you will need to plan carefully.

You need to take things such as road conditions, speed limits and distances into account when planning your route to Etosha. Do this before you book your accommodation as it will affect how far you can travel in one day. If you are staying inside the park, you can either select to enter the park at the gate closest to your accommodation in order to get unpacked and settled before starting to explore the park. You could also select a gate further away, so that you may enjoy most of your journey inside the park. It is recommended that you spend at least two nights in each camp to get the most out of your stay.

The gate closest to Okaukuejo is Andersson Gate, located off the B1 from Windhoek on C38 near Otjiwarongo. Von Lindequist gate is closest to Namutoni and is sign posted 73km after Tsumeb on the B1. Halali is located midway between the other two camps, so either of the main gates may be used to get there.

The roads are good in Etosha and there is no need for a 4×4 vehicle, although some of the roads may be closed during the rainy season. There are several picnic spots and ablutions scattered on the routes but these are at least an hour apart, so plan your travels with this in mind. The main rest camps are well equipped with basic supplies.

Make sure you pack the following items:

  • List of emergency numbers
  • Comfortable clothing, including a hat
  • A Jacket
  • Binoculars, camera and charger
  • Mosquito repellent and sunscreen

Etosha is a low-risk malaria area, but you should consult your doctor with regard to anti-malarial medication, regardless.

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