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Adamax and Natco

Natco waterhole near Okaukuejo Restcamp in Etosha National Park

Adamax and Natco are located close to each other. Both of these waterholes are named after the people that contributed towards their construction.

The name ‘Adamax’ is a combination of the names Ada and Max Kessler, the patrons who contributed to the construction of this borehole. ‘Natco’ is an abbreviation of National Trading Company of SWA, which paid for the construction of this borehole.

About: Located close together, these two waterholes were closed in 1974 to avoid further degradation of the surrounding plains. Close to Adamax there is a massive borrow pit to the south of the road, which holds water and attracts the plains game who favour the sweet grassveld vegetation found here.

Water Source: Artificial

Water Availability:  Dry


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