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Dolomitepunt waterhole at Dolomite Restcamp in the western section of Etosha National Park

Dolomietpunt, meaning Dolomite Point, is located at the end of the Dolomite Hills ridge at Dolomite Rest Camp in Western Etosha.

 About:  This waterhole is overlooked by the camp and came into being in 2011 when western Etosha was opened to the public. The sunset and sunrise panoramas from camp are spectacular.

Birds are plentiful this area and you can expect to see:

  • Hartlaub’s Spurfowl
  • Rockrunner
  • Short-toed Rock-Thrush
  • Browns-crowned Tchagra
  • Lesser Honeyguide
  • Brubru
  • Red-eyed Bulbul

The waterhole is visible from chalet numbers 13 and 14 but is located about 300m from camp. A hide which offers closer views of the Dolomietpunt waterhole has just recently been constructed.

Photographers will need a 500 or 600mm zoom lens for effective game photography. This waterhole is not floodlit. The flat terrain and sparse vegetation allow for excellent game viewing at this waterhole.

Water Source: Artificial (Borehole)

Water Availability: Year-round


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