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Goas waterhole near Halali Restcamp in Etosha National Park

This short name is a Hai||om word meaning: ‘the hooves of the game knock against the many stones in the area and then the animals come to drink‘.

About:  Gaos is paradise for both the wild animals and the game spotter, especially during the dry season. Plains game in large numbers, birds of prey and predators are often seen here.  Gaos is situated in the heart of black-faced impala territory and these photogenic little antelope are abundant here.  It is also a good place to spot leopard.

In addition, the access road winds round the two water sources, allowing for fantastic sightings of animals drinking or moving to and from the water.

From November to December, dramatic life and death struggles take place here when the Red-billed Quelea come to hover over the water and drink.  Some unfortunates are bumped into the water by their eager counterparts and have to swim back to the edge where they come across raptors such as lanner falcons, tawny eagles and steppe eagles waiting to snatch them up.

Water Source: Two artesian springs

Water Availability:  Excellent.  The water level in the upper spring is constant regardless of the season and overflows into the lower pool during the rains.  The lower pool only runs out of water late in the dry season.


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