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Groot Okevi

Groot Okevi waterhole near Namutoni Restcamp during the dry season in Etosha National Park

Okevi is an Oshindonga word that means “from under the rocks”. ‘Groot’ is the Afrikaans word for ‘large’. As its name suggests, this waterhole is larger than its namesake, Klein Okevi.

About:  Groot Okevi is located due south about 1.4km off the main road.  On your way to the waterhole, you will pass a stand of trumpet thorn, Catophractes alexandri.  This interesting blue-grey bush has white tubular flowers and seed pods that make a rattling noise.

Leopards are seen along this road on occasion.

Water Source: Water-table spring

Water Availability: Flows throughout the year increasing its flow during the rains


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