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Sprokieswoud close to Grunewald wterhole near Okaukuejo Restcamp in Etosha National Park

Grünewald waterhole’s name means ‘green wood’ in German and refers to the large mopane trees situated to the east of the waterhole.

Sprokieswoud is located on the road to Grünewald waterhole. Sprokieswoud is a famous forest of Moringa ovalifolia or phantom trees. The name means ‘fairy-tale forest’ in Afrikaans.

About: Some of the largest Mopane trees in Etosha grow between Grünewald and Sprokieswoud and these are bent into fantastic shapes by the elephants who love to browse on them and bump them over. The forest of ‘fairy-tale trees’ is unique in that these plants only grow on rocky hillsides and no one can explain why they are found growing abundantly on the plains here. These trees are also highly prized by elephants and the Grünewald waterhole was closed to prevent any further mutilation of them by these large ungentle creatures.

Water Source: Artificial

Water Availability:  Dry

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