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Halali Plains Seep

Halali Plains Seep near Halali Restcamp in Etosha National Park

The Halali Plains Seep are located between the Salvadora waterhole and the causeway road to Etosha Look-Out Point.

About:  Numerous small contact spring seeps occur between Salvadora and the causeway road to the Etosha Look-Out Point.  None of these are clearly marked and they are well utilised by game but most are not visible from the road, except for the Halali Plains seep.

The main Okaukejo-Namutoni road passes through the large, open Halali Plains.  The eastern plain where Halali Plains seep is located is 2 km east of the turnoff after the passing through a water acacia thicket.

There are often large numbers of animals see walking across the road on their journey to and from the seeps.

Water Source:  Numerous small contact-spring seeps

Water Availability: Good


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