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Jakkalswater waterhole in the western section of Etosha National Park

This waterhole was named after an unfortunate jackal that was found drowned in the trough.

About: Jakkalswater is one of the better waterholes in Western Etosha. Big herds of animals regularly drink here. Mid-morning is the best time to see these large congregations of hundreds of Springbok and Zebra. It’s also is a good place to spot Eland.

Birdlife includes Egyptian Geese, Eagles, Vultures, Falcons, Rollers, Larks, Korhaans and Sandgrouse.

Colonies of Ground Squirrels have made themselves at home around the parking lot and can be amusing to watch while you wait for the bigger species. The grassy plains extending to the west of the approach road are excellent for game viewing.

The best time for photography is late in the afternoon as the morning sun is in front of you when parked in the parking lot. Plan well if you intend to visit this waterhole as it is some distance from Dolomite camp.

Water Source: Borehole

Water Availability: Year-round


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