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Leeubron waterhole near Okaukuejo Restcamp in Etosha National Park

It was here that Prof. P. Schoeman, warden of the park at the time, found a starving lioness with five emaciated cubs. Taking pity on them, he began to feed them regularly with plains zebra that he hunted on their behalf.

About: This daily event became an attraction during the 1960’s where, under the supervision of a nature conservationist, groups of tourists were taken to view the ‘lion parties’ every day at sunset. This involved chaining an animal carcass to a large acacia tree and waiting for the lions to approach, but this practice soon came to an end when the excitable tourists proved too hard to control. During a wind storm in 2010 this landmark tree fell over and so ended an era. Leeubron is a well, dug by hand during the 1900’s by German soldiers, but was closed during 1974 to preserve the surrounding short-grass plains from overgrazing.

Water Source: Artificial

Water Availability: Dry

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