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Namutoni & King Nehale

King Nehale waterhole at Namutoni Restcamp during the dry season in Etosha National Park

Namutoni is an Oshindonga word meaning ‘ elevated place’. King Nehale waterhole, located in the camp, next to the fort, is named after the leader of the 500 Ndonga warriors that attacked the fort in 1904.

About: A popular camp-site for hundreds of years, the first German army garrison was established at Namutoni in the 1890’s because of the copious water and elevated views. The original German fort fell into disrepair in the 1930’s and during the 1950’s accommodation was built at Namutoni to resemble the German fort.

The waterhole has extensive reed beds and is favoured by birds. It is not as popular with game as the other large waterholes due to the proximity of alternatives such as Klein Namutoni and Koinachas.

Namutoni rest camp overlooks this waterhole.

Water Source: Large artesian spring

Water Availability: Very good year-round


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