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Nebrownii waterhole near Okaukuejo Restcamp in Etosha National Park

Nebrownii is named after the water-thorn acacia, Acacia nebrownii, which grows in thickets just west of here.

About: The area consists of white calcrete dust, which becomes white mud as the water overflows from the dam to the earth. Elephant and rhino which frequent this area enjoy rolling in this mud and there are many reports of ‘old’ white elephants recorded in the rest camp books of game sightings.

Nebrownii was opened in 1992 to relieve the animal grazing pressure around Okaukuejo, the borehole was supplemented by a solar pump in 1997.

The culverts on the main road just north of Nebrownii are favoured as dens by lions and hyenas.

Water Source: Artesian spring until 1997 when a solar pump was installed to relieve grazing pressure around Okaukuejo

Water Availability: Year-round


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