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Nuamses waterhole near Halali Restcamp in Etosha National Park

Nuamses waterhole, Nuamses is a Hai||om word meaning ‘black water’.

About: Nuamses is a deep sink-hole featuring a bed of Typha reeds surrounded by a dark black pool.  It can be described as a smaller version of Homob.

Being close to the pan, this waterhole is very scenic especially in the late afternoon with the sun glistening off the white surface of the pan.

Leopards habituate the woodlands just south of the waterhole and a pair of blue cranes are usually spotted on the road from Nuamses to Etosha Lookout during the rains.

Deep red coloured forbs can be seen growing in a small black pan surrounded by mopane trees during the rains.

Water Source: Water-table spring

Water Availability:  Has become virtually dry over the last few years during the dry season.


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