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Okawao waterhole in the western section of Etosha National Park

Okawao means ‘the place of the shield’ in Herero.

About: This natural spring was once perennial until the ‘eye’ of the fountain was accidentally sealed by construction workers. It has since been reduced to a seasonal flow.

It is still a popular drinking spot for many species of game and birds including Egyptian Geese and Vultures. It is entertaining to watch the Lilac-breasted and Purple Rollers hunting from the trees around the parking area.

A nearby natural depression which holds some water in the dry season also attracts South African Shelduck, Black-headed Heron and Yellow-Billed Egrets.

The parking lot is set back from the water so a zoom lens is advised for photographers. During the afternoon, the sun is behind you.

Water Source: Natural spring

Water Availability: Seasonal


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