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Okondeka waterhole near Okaukuejo Restcamp in Etosha National Park

The name of this waterhole is open to interpretation. The name could be reference to the prickly salt grass, Odyssea paucinervis, which grows around this waterhole.

The name could also mean any of the following:

  • ‘the place of sedges’, referring to the sedges at the water’s edge, or
  • ‘the place of the small dog’, possibly referring to the African wild dog, or
  • ‘to encircle or ambush’

The fact that lion frequent the terrain around the water, and that these lion used to molest workers returning from farms south of the Park, favours the latter interpretation.

About: Okondeka is situated right on the edge of the west side of the salt pan, just north of Okaukuejo. During the rainy season, the pan is often flooded and Ondeka is one of the only places north of Okaukuejo and east of M’Bari to have water during the dry season. Thousands of animals use this waterhole during this time and Okondeka is an excellent spot for lion sightings. Lions enjoy lounging under the two trees on the ridge of this waterhole during the midday heat and take advantage of the sand dunes to the west for ambushing their prey.

Water SourceNatural fountain

Water Availability: Year-round


  • Thousands of animals during the dry season
  • Lions
  • Flamingos
  • Giraffe
  • Blue Cranes (seasonal)
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