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Ombika waterhole near Okaukuejo Restcamp in Etosha National Park

The name Ombika is a combination of an Owambo prefix, ‘om‘ and the Hai||om word ‘bika‘, which literally means to “force up and give water”.

About: Ombika was originally utilised by people travelling on the old contract labour trail from the farming areas south to Owambo in the north. When the water recedes to the bowl of the fountain during winter, the animals all but disappear from sight when drinking, but when the rains come, the water overflows almost to the edge of the parking lot. Spring also brings the Catophractes alexandri and Acacia nebrownii into flower, which attracts large numbers of giraffe which feast on these blooms. Ombika is a popular waterhole and a good place to spot lions along with a variety of other species.

Water Source: Contact spring supplemented by a solar powered pump during dry periods.

Water Availability: Year-round *(currently Namibia is still suffering from a very bad drought and there are periods when Ombika does run dry). 


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