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Ozonjuitji M’Bari

Ozonjuitji m'Bari waterhole near Okaukuejo Restcamp in Etosha National Park

Often abbreviated to M’Bari, the name of this waterhole is Herero and means ‘two honeybees’. Funds to erect a windmill here were generously provided by Messrs HA Böttger and LW Berman, hence the reference to ‘two B’s’.

About: M’Bari is located on the edge of the Charles Marais Dam which was built to catch water flowing from the farms south of the park. A suspicion arose however, that this water was increasing the incidence of Anthrax in Etosha and the wall was eventually breached to prevent this. During the rainy season, water still accumulates near the site of the dam and flamingos and other water birds can be seen here.  Ozonjuiti M’bari is quite a distance from Okaukuejo, so make sure you have time to get back to camp before the sunset curfew when visiting it, especially since the road passes through fairy-tale’ forest which is well worth a visit.

Water Source: Artificial borehole powered by a solar pump

Water Availability: This is the only waterhole west of Okaukuejo and Okondeka that has water during the dry season.


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