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Salvadora waterhole near Halali Restcamp in Etosha National Park

The evergreen mustard tree, Salvadora persica, growing at the edge of the parking area gives this waterhole its name.

About:  The pan forms a dramatic backdrop to the acacia trees and animals found in abundance at this waterhole, making it a picturesque spot for photographers to practise their art.

Cheetah love to rest under the acacias and are frequently spotted here, along with blue cranes which occur here almost year round. Ostrich can also be spotted out on the plain and the pied crows of Charitsaub visit the parking area to beg for treats – please do not indulge them.

Water Source: Contact spring

Water Availability: Good quality seasonal water


  • 90% more animals prefer this waterhole to Sueda’s salty offerings
  • Cheetah
  • Ostrich
  • Blue Cranes
  • Pied Crows
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