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Tobieroen waterhole in the western section of Etosha National Park

Loosely translated, this waterhole’s name means ‘Tobias’ praise’ in honor of an esteemed Haillom tracker called Tobias.

About: This waterhole is located 70km from Dolomite camp so plan for a whole day on the road if you are travelling from this camp. The long drive is well worth it, as Tobieroen attracts a good variety of animals, including the rare Roan Antelope which is only found in this area. Secretary Birds, Kori Bustards, Eagles and Vultures are also common.

The waterhole consists of a basin and accompanying mud wallow in an open area with some mopane trees in the vicinity. The parking is a short distance from the water but photography is good all day with a zoom lens.

Water Source: borehole

Water Availability: Year-round


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