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Skydiving in Namibia

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While a trip to Etosha National Park usually makes it on to anyone’s to-do list while visiting Namibia, you should also consider taking part in some of the high-adrenaline activities in Swakopmund when planning your trip.

Swakopmund takes advantage of its hostile Skeleton Coast environment to offer an overload of adventure to match its scenic excesses such as sand boarding, camel rides, ghost town tours, hot air ballooning and quad biking.

However, skydiving is by far the best way to see the lie of the land and will definitely earn the most bragging rights with your friends back home.

Where to go

The Sky Diving Centre just outside of town is where locals and tourists alike go to fling themselves at the ground from 1 000s of feet in the air. You can book directly with one of the two operators there or ask your travel agent to arrange this for you.

The best time of year for skydiving in Namibia is during winter when temperatures are (slightly) lower, but you can take part in this high-rise activity year-round at Swakopmund.

The risks

Skydiving has a remarkable safety record and is perfectly safe provided you follow the instructions given, and are competent enough to perform the type of dive you sign up for.

Types of skydiving

Free Fall

If you intend to indulge in a spectacular unassisted free fall dive from the aeroplane you will need to be suitably qualified, which takes years of training and instruction.

Static Line Jump

The next best thing to a free fall is the static line jump where you are assisted by a ‘chute which opens as you jump from the plane. In order to qualify for a static line jump of 3 000 feet you must undergo a full day of on-the-ground training. If that is not high enough for your action-craving soul, sign up for the intensive 21-day course which will qualify you to nudge the odds in this manner.

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is the most popular form of skydiving and available to everyone, with children as young as 8 years old having participated in this activity. During this dash to the ground you will be strapped to a qualified instructor which in no way detracts from the spectacular rush and scenic panoramas you will see on your way down (if you can keep your eyes open that is!).

Namibia is one of the world’s most thrilling adventure playgrounds – start planning your visit today.

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