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Leopard drinking from a waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Did you know ...

  • ["Between 1996 and 2000, 11 adult leopards were radio-collared on Namibian farmlands.","Males weigh 37.5 to 52.3 kg and females 24 to 33.5 kg."]

Secretive, elusive and powerful, the leopard is a solitary animal and they will go out of their way to avoid each other except during the breeding season.

They are nocturnal and not dependent on water but are frequently seen during the day at Moringa, Stark’s Pan, Rietfontein, Goas, Nuamses and Kalkheuwel in Etosha. The leopard’s tawny coat is covered in irregular dark spots, which are arranged in rosettes, and each one is unique.

Springbok are their favourite prey but they will also hunt impala and steenbok on occasion. Lions and hyenas will steal prey from them, taking advantage of their solitary behaviour. Because of this leopard will try to drag their prey high into the branches of a tree as quickly as possible to protect it from these scavengers.

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