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Red Hartebeest

Red hartebeest in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Did you know ...

  • ["The fawns are born in October to November before the rains."]

Found mainly in the mopane woodlands, red hartebeest are also occasionally seen on the plains during the rainy season.

They drink readily at waterholes, usually from Ombika towards Springbokfontein, although they are not water dependent. They rarely occur west or east of these places.

During the breeding season, in March, males mark their territories with dung heaps and display themselves prominently on top of ant heaps and mounds of earth. Once they spot the object of their affection, they will follow her around with drooped ears until she succumbs to his charms. If any other male intervenes, fighting will ensue and to the victor go the spoils. The fawns are born in October to November before the rains and are usually hidden from sight in dense vegetation for a few days afterwards.

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