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Springbok in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Did you know ...

  • The springbok, one of the smaller antelope, can live without drinking water for years, meeting its requirements through eating succulent vegetation only?

Springbok are one of the most common antelope in Namibia and found almost everywhere in Etosha National Park, thriving on the short grass plains found in this reserve.

Despite being adapted to survive without water for long periods of time Springbok are often spotted close to waterholes in the company of other plains game, such as wildebeest and zebra.

Springbok are unique in that they are the only member of the species Antidorcus Marsupialis, which means ‘not a gazelle’. The Marsupialis part of the classification refers to the flap of skin located above their tails. This flap is lifted during elaborate jumping displays to impress prospective mates, or when fleeing from predators.

One of the smaller antelope, Springbok can leap up to 2m in a jump known as pronking, and can reach a speed of around 90km/h when required. Springbok breed year round, and are often spotted with young at foot.

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