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Stargazing in Namibia is the Ultimate Activity for Everyone

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It’s always a starry, starry night in Namibia. The country boasts an average of 300 days of cloudless skies per year, a population of only 2.6 people per km2 and huge tracts of undisturbed wilderness. All these characteristics add up to create unforgettable opportunities for stargazing in Namibia.

Stargazing is something that travellers of all ages can enjoy, it takes no special skills or equipment and in Namibia you can do it almost anywhere.

Needless to say, the photographic opportunities are endless, and Namibia has played host to many breath-taking celestial productions.

The Best Places for Stargazing in Namibia

All over the country you’ll be amazed at the brightness and number of stars that you can see with the naked eye. However, the darker your surroundings, the better. The absence of light from the ground shows the skies off to their best advantage.

Some of the most famous places for stargazing in Namibia include:

Etosha National Park

Step away from the floodlit waterholes around camp and the heavens will open in a brilliant display of stars. With few buildings and lights to disturb your viewing, a quiet open spot in camp can provide hours of interest.

For the ultimate stargazing experience in Etosha, take a guided evening game drive into the park. On the way back to camp you will be amazed at the brilliant celestial display over the park.

Many of the accommodation options on the outskirts of Etosha also offer excellent stargazing opportunities.


Sparse and uninhabited, the sossusvlei is an ideal destination for stargazing activities. Here you can lie back and enjoy the night skies from your rustic campsite without any specialized equipment.

At luxury lodges you will get the opportunity to book platforms for a night outdoors, shower in the open-air under the night skies, or go on specialized stargazing tours.

Namib Rand Reserve

Along with Aoraki Mackenzie, in New Zealand, the Namib-Rand reserve is one of just two Gold Tier Dark Sky Reserves in the world.

This means that the area boasts one of the darkest skies on earth – perfect for viewing the Milky Way in all its glory. Orbiting moons, nebula, asteroid belts and dwarf red moons are often seen in the Namib.

Here you can book in to specialized accommodation with skylights and telescopes for the avid star gazer and take guided tours with astronomy experts.

What is a Dark-Sky Reserve?

These specialized programmes are intended to foster an appreciation of the stars and educate people about the dangers of light pollution. The International Dark Sky Association recognizes and encourages places that preserve their night skies.

Many animals and plants look to the night skies for guidance on their behaviour. This includes sleep patterns, hunting and mating habits.

Plan Your Ultimate Stargazing Activity with Us

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction for the stargazing experience of a lifetime. It all starts when you book your accommodation in Windhoek.

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