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Climbing Namibia

Namibia Travel Information | .

It seems Namibia was made for climbing with shifting sands reaching hundreds of metres into the air and towering inselbergs dotting the landscape. Without the hazards that climbing in Europe has to offer, such […]

Elephants of Namibia

Etosha National Park | .

Elephants are found throughout Namibia, from the hostile habitat of Damaraland to the more protected environment of national parks all over the country. Etosha National Park currently has the largest population of elephants in […]

How to get to Namibia

Namibia Travel Information | .

Namibia has a great tourism infrastructure and is easily accessed from all over the world. You can fly, drive, bus, or even get there by train or boat if you like, but you simply […]

Cycling in Namibia

Namibia Travel Information | .

With wide open spaces to traverse and amazing things to see, cycling in Namibia takes on a new dimension. There are several quick and easy routes to follow while visiting the country, but many […]

Skydiving in Namibia

Namibia Travel Information | .

While a trip to Etosha National Park usually makes it on to anyone’s to-do list while visiting Namibia, you should also consider taking part in some of the high-adrenaline activities in Swakopmund when planning […]

Harnas Wildlife Foundation

Namibia Travel Information | .

Harnas Wildlife Foundation (HWF) is a leading player in the field of nature conservation based at Gobabis in Namibia. Their main areas of focus are the protection of wildlife and natural resources, while also […]

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