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Visit The Etosha Game Park

Guests relaxing next to the pool at Namutoni rest camp in Etosha National Park, Namibia

The Etosha game park is such a vast and diverse place, it is best to plan a little before you get there – with this in mind, we have made sure that all the important information you would need for an unforgettable trip, is all in one place.

While planning your trip make sure you check out the page Getting there with Etosha Map and GPS coordinates, to make sure your journey to this wildlife wonderland goes off without a hitch.

Once inside the park you need to maximise your time in order to make sure you see all that you want to see, so we have supplied you with some handy hints and tips on Etosha route planning to help you do just that.

The Park regulations and opening times can have an impact on your visit, so be sure to familiarise yourself with these when plotting your routes through Etosha.  These rules are in place to ensure your safety and enjoyment while within the boundaries of the park, so please pay careful attention to them.

Knowledge of the amenities and roads, especially during the rainy season, will also assist you in making the most of your journeys through Etosha and help you to include the best game-viewing areas in your trip.

Travel to any foreign country can be daunting and is essentially a journey into the unknown.  Like any country, Namibia has its quirks, and there are some items that you should remember to bring along with you.  Check out our recommendation on what to pack to make sure your stay is a comfortable one.

Namibia has a stable climate, but the weather in the African wilderness can be unpredictable, check in with our weather watch page so that you know what to expect during your Etosha adventure.

You will find all the telephone numbers you may need, while planning your trip, on our contact numbers page.  Please save these details onto your mobile device, as they will come in useful during your travels in Etosha.

Enjoy browsing through our site, we wish you a wonderful visit to the Etosha Game Park.


Etosha National Park Entry Fees – Payable at the entry gates:

Adults (foreign) NAD 80.00 per adult per day
Adults (SADC) NAD 60.00 per adult per day
Adults (Namibian) NAD 30.00 per adult per day
Children (under 16) FREE of charge
10 seats or less NAD 10.00 per vehicle per day
11-25 seats or less NAD 40.00 per vehicle per day
26-50 seats or less NAD 300.00 per vehicle per day

*Fees subject to change without prior notice.

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