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Etosha Route Planning

Etosha National Park Route Plannning | Route Planning for Etosha National Park

Unless you have booked a guided tour through Etosha, you are free to explore at will within the park’s guidelines.

Like any major game reserve, Etosha offers morning, afternoon and night drives which can be booked and enjoyed in the capable hands of an experienced and informative guide.  Private lodges in the vicinity of Etosha also offer guided game drives into the park on a daily basis.

Please contact us if you need any assistance with planning your self-drive tour or if you would like advice on booking a guided tour.

It is a good idea to plan your self-drive trip thoroughly so that you can make the most of your visit to Etosha. See our suggestions below:


Planning Your Etosha Adventure

Etosha National Park features 5 camps which are open to the public:

1. Okaukuejo:  Located in the south of the park, close to Andersson Gate, this is the oldest and most well-known camp.

2. Halali:  Situated between Okaukuejo and Namutoni

3. Namutoni:  On the North Eastern side of the park close to the Von Lindequist Gate.

4. Onkoshi:  Located in north-eastern Etosha, this is one of the two new camps.

5. Dolomite:  Also a new camp, dolomite is located on the far western side of the park.


When planning your trip, you should keep the following in mind:


1. The speed limit within the park ranges from 20km per hour and 60km per hour. This substantially affects your travelling times from point to point within Etosha.

2. Be prepared for delays due to game sightings en route.

3. There are several gates from which you can enter the park. Choose the one most suitable to your needs and time available. You can either choose to enter at a gate close to your camp so that you can get settled before venturing out into the park, or you could choose to take a longer route from gate to camp, and enjoy more game spotting on the way.

4. Consult the map and distance chart for the distances between camps. Dolomite camp is particularly far out.

5. Use the map to plan a logical route from one point to another to save time and avoid getting lost in the African wilderness.


If you are travelling from Windhoek or southern Namibia, we suggest that you:


1. Enter at Andersson’s gate in the South (+/- 420km’s away).

2. Spend a night or two at Okaukuejo

3. Move on to Halali

4. Spend your last night or nights at Namutoni

5. Exit in the East: at Von Lindequist gate


If you are coming from the North Eastern side of Namibia we would recommend:


1. Entering at the Von Lindequist gate.

2. Staying over at Namutoni

3. Moving on to Halali

4. Finishing your stay at Okaukuejo

5. Leaving via Andersson gate


If you are travelling into Etosha from the West you could :


1. Enter at Dolomite gate

2. Start your stay at Dolomite camp, which is the only camp in the west.

3. Travel on to Okaukuejo

4. Either visit Halali or head straight onto Namutoni

5. End your visit at Onkoshi, if time allows.

6. Exit at Von Lindequist gate.


If you are travelling from the East we would suggest that you:


1. Stay over at Namutoni

2. Move onto Halali or straight to Okaukuejo

3. Visit Dolomite in the West, time permitting

4. Exit at Dolomite gate or Andersson gate

Dolomite is a long drive from Okaukuejo, but well worth the visit. In fact, each camp in the park is unique, with its own vegetation and wildlife, and you should try to experience them all if possible.


Tip for Camping in the Park


Only Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni camps offer camping facilities.


Staying at the Lodges or Chalets


All five camps in Etosha offer lodge and chalet accommodation.

Depending on the time available to you and the amount of driving you are willing to do, you could select only one camp or you could visit all five.

Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Dolomite and Onkoshi offer more luxurious accommodation.  Dolomite is located in the previously restricted western area of the park but guests at this camp now have access to driving along these roads. Dolomite also has its own entrance to the park.

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