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Etosha National Park Map & GPS

Etosha National Park Map:

Click on the map below for an overview of the park or Download the Etosha National Park Map (PDF) and take it with you on your Smart Phone or Tablet.



Etosha GPS Co-ordinates:

Degrees Minutes Seconds


Lat. -19 10 52.7592 S
Long. 15 55 3.2808 E


Lat. -19 2 5.5134 S
Long. 16 28 16.5756 E


Lat. -18 48 31.6152 S
Long. 16 56 26.0628 E


Two of the most popular ways to experience Etosha:

1) Guided Tours:

Either pre-organised or custom designed. Most guided Tours start from Windhoek.

2) Self-Drive Tours:

Please contact us should you require any assistance with arranging your visit to Etosha.

Directions from Windhoek for Self-drive trips to Etosha:

Plan on spending about six hours in transit from Windhoek to Etosha.  The roads are tarmac and in good condition and the journey can easily be made in one day.  Even inside the park, an ordinary sedan vehicle is adequate transportation.

Please plan your trip carefully. The entrance gates as well as the camp gates are only open from sunrise to sunset and these times will vary according to the season. Make sure you are aware of the gate times before setting out. Should you arrive outside of these times, you will not be allowed access and will find yourself left out in the African wild for the night!

The Andersson gate and the Von Lindequist gate are the main entrances, but there are four gates into Etosha:

1. Andersson Gate

Situated near Okaukuejo in the south, Andersson is one of the most popular entrances to the park. This gate was named in honour of Charles Andersson, who was one of the first Europeans to explore Etosha in 1851. Andersson gate is 16km from Okaukuejo and 415km from Windhoek.

To get to Andersson Gate from Windhoek, take the B1 and then turn left at onto C38 at Otjiwarongo.

2. Galton Gate – Private

Galton Gate is named after Francis Galton, who was with Charles Andersson when he came across Etosha.

Galton Gate is located in Western Etosha and is reserved for people who are booked into Etosha’s Dolomite Camp.

3. Von Lindequist Gate

Named in honour of the governor of German South West Africa who proclaimed Etosha a game reserve in 1907, Von Lindequist Gate is the Eastern entrance to Etosha. Von Lindequist Gate is 12km from Namutoni, and 525km from Windhoek. Von Lindequist Gate is the second most frequently used entrance to the park.

From Windhoek, guests should take the B1 past Otjiwarongo and Tsumeb. Turn left 73km past Tsumeb and follow the directions to the gate.

4. King Nehale Gate

The Nehale lya Mpingana Gate, located near Andoni Plains, is the newest and most Northern entrance to Etosha.  The gate was opened in 2003 and is named after the former king of Owamboland.

The gate is accessible from the B1 from Windhoek, between Tsumeb and Omuthiya about 140km north of Tsumeb.

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