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What to Spot: Namibia’s Wildlife

Zebra crossing a road in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park is one of the best places on earth to spot Africa’s wildlife and to witness breath-taking scenery, dramatic sunsets and unique phenomena.

Many fascinating mammals, birds, reptiles and plants call this place home, and you will find more information about them on these pages.

Game spotting is not just about luck. Knowing where to go and where to look when you get there takes experience, but you can give yourself a head-start to successful sightings by taking heed of game viewing tips relevant to the time of year, areas where game is likely to congregate, information from park officials and patience. Then, with a bit of luck, you could enjoy the full range of fascinating mammals, birds, reptiles and plant-life that Etosha has to offer.

You can expect to come across the following while visiting Etosha:


There are 114 mammal species resident in Etosha and recent game counts have yielded the following figures –

In addition, substantial numbers of lion, leopard, cheetahhyena, eland and giraffe are found here, along with hundreds of plains game such as wildebeest and springbok.

There are no buffalo, hippo, crocodile or monkeys in Etosha.

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At least 340 bird species have been recorded in Etosha, among them over 46 species of raptor. These include:

  • Secretary bird
  • Red-necked Falcon
  • Pygmy Falcon
  • Egyptian Vulture
  • Pallid Harrier
  • Montagu’s Harrier

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Hundreds of these cold-blooded creatures reside in Etosha, among them 50 species of snake, most of which are non-venomous.

Migratory patterns vary from year to year and the presence of game is determined by grazing and water availability. During the rainy season, most of the game moves on to greener pastures far from the tourist areas, but they gradually start to return once the dry season starts.


The plant population of Etosha consists of 134 different species of trees and grasses. Mopane dominates, forming 80% of the plant population, and acacia trees are prolific. Different plants occur in different places, and this can affect the kind of animals that you are likely to see in these areas.

Etosha also boasts a ‘fairy-tale forest’ full of beautiful and mysterious Moringa trees don’t miss the chance to view these curious plants while you are in the area.

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